Being overweight is the one thing that troubles everyone. Your double chin, fluffy cheekbones, and the big fat belly destroy the personality and ultimately your confidence. Every day you think of getting rid of the fat and cut out the hot muscular body you've ever imagined. But, the enthusiasm gets vaporized when it comes to actually start doing something about your obesity. Nevertheless, getting into shape is not a tough job. A few secret weight loss tips and some modifications in your lifestyle will do the wonders.

The heavy exercises and less eating will only spoil your body and health. If you want to enjoy a healthy living with great body shape, then you must follow the very rare weight loss tips listed below:

1. The Right Way of Drinking Water

It's a well-known fact that water helps in weight loss, but very few know when and how to drink it properly. The trick is to drink 3o minutes before and 1-1.5 hrs after the meal. Drink as much as you like, however, make sure to lower its temperature before drinking. The lukewarm water is best suited for drinking in all seasons. Drink while in seating position no matter where you sit. Avoid ice chilled water and taking it in standing position. Do not take water with the meals.

2. Get The Perfect Green Tea

While making the green tea, if you boil a pinch of cinnamon, a tablespoon of honey with a little ginger in the water first, you will get the elixir for your immune system. Other than ginger, cinnamon, and honey; you can also add lemon juice to it to boost its health benefits.

3. Eat Raw, Eat Natural, Eat Properly

The cooked vegetables will only satisfy your hunger with zero benefits to your health. You must eat raw vegetables and fruits in order to boost your metabolism. You will love carrots, radishes, cucumbers, sweet potatoes as raw as fruits. Avoid processed and fried food. Drink juices instead of soft drinks. Use honey or natural sugars for sweetness. Also, eat slowly; chew your food for a while before swallowing as it is easy to digest properly chewed food.

4. Get Good Sleep, Wake up early

Going to bed early may not improve health, but rising up early is the best way to start your day. Do 10 minutes of meditation and have a glass of warm milk just before bed. Also, do some cool-down exercises to calm your mind and body. Keep the lights off; and your phones, tablets, and laptops far from your bed. Strictly follow your daily sleep schedule. You will surely get a great sleep and will wake up early in the mornings even without alarm clocks.

5. Exercise Your Bodyweight

No need to lift heavy weights in the gym, do some bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, and jogging etc. If not daily, start with doing it twice or thrice a week. You don't need to do 100's of push-ups or pull-ups, you can do one at a time; then increase repetitions slowly day by day. Do evening walks after dinner for about 30 minutes daily.

It's easy to beat obesity. You only require a little effort and determination. Your body is your temple. It's your responsibility. So, Try these 5 weight loss tips and get the job done.

Good Luck!


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